When should I replace my air filter?

Every month with standard desposable filters; some filters need to be changed at 6 months or only 1X a year. If you have severe allergies or pets that shed, changing your filter should be done more often.

Does the Technician have all the repair parts I need on his truck?

Our trucks are stocked with standard replacement parts such as: contactors, transformers, some relays and some OEM motors. However, it is impossible to stock every part for every make and model. Specialty items such as compressors, control boards, blower motors and fans are usually not truck stocked – these items are picked up at the supply house or ordered.

What is a condenser?

It is a part of the A.C system that sits outside. After the Evaporator coil turns the Freon liquid into a gas, the Condenser condenses the Freon back to liquid. It is also where the compressor is located that pumps the Freon back and forth to and from the evaporator coil.

What is R410a?

R-410A is the earth friendly “green” coolant that is replacing Freon (R-22). Since 2010 the Federal law requires that Freon (R-22) will be phased out.